Petter Menning

Name: Lars Petter Menning (formerly Öström)

Born: 1987, 8:e august.  Lives: Vaxholm outside Stockholm.

Height: 187 cm.   Weight: 92 kg.

Kayak: Nelo Vanquish Quattro XXL (with extra high deck).   Paddle: Brasca I min.

Club: Vaxholms Kanotsällskap

Occupation: Professional kayaker with a degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm University.

Favourite training: Everything above 22 km/h. Worst training: Everything below 22 km/h.

Interests: Playing video games on Xbox with Erik, walking the dogs or catch a movie.

My best traning advice: Try to focus on every session and every excercise and let go of everything else at that moment!

My best competition advice: Relax and enjoy!

Music: Listens to a whole lot of Jay-Z.   Unknown talent: Can flip pancakes in the air.


Contact Petter:


Twitter: @pettermenning

Facebook: Petter Pete The Meat

Instagram: pettermenning


Petter Menning VM-silver


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